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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Oxygen KDE: A Firefox Theme

This morning, I got information from Deddy through Google+ about Oxygen KDE. I give it a try ... awesome ... I like it so much! So far, there is no problem after installing it. For KDE users that use firefox as web browser, I suggest you to try this theme.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

kdeutils-4.6.5 for Slackware after patching

I have patched the source of kdeutils-4.6.5 since there are problems on KCalc (see this link and this link). You can download the slackbuild script, patches, and the source of kdeutils-4.6.5 from this link. Before compiling yourself, make sure you have upgraded your KDE to KDE-4.6.5 using Eric's packages. Next, uncompress kdeutils-4.6.5_SlackBuild.tar.gz and run the KDE.SlackBuild as root. This slackbuild script will compile kdeutils-4.6.5 then upgrade your previous one.

For Slackware64 users, you don't need to compile; just download the binary package from this link, then do upgradepkg.