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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

My New-look Slackware

It was more than 3 years I have been waiting for 64-bit official port of Slackware (since I bought laptop with AMD Turion64 processor). Finally, in the end of August 2009, the good news has been coming when Pat and Eric announced release version of Slackware64 13.0. After I heard that news, I installed Slackware64 13.0 as soon as possible. I didn't any difficulty because I have used Slamd64, an 64-bit unofficial port of Slackware, created and maintained by Fred Emmott for 3 years; although Eric built Slackware64 by his own work, it has similarity to Slamd64 because Eric has learnt Fred's work in Slamd64. CMIIW.

The new-look slackware on my laptop can be seen at the picture below.

Thank's to Eric for realizing the 64-bit official port of Slackware. It is so nice. Great job.
Also, I would like to thank abundantly to Fred Emmott that has been created and maintained Slamd64 very well so that I still could use my favorite Linux distro, Slackware.

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