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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Linux Kernel 3.3.1 & AMD Catalyst

I just upgraded the kernel to 3.3.1 (my own compilation) then tried to recompile the fglrx modules for this new kernel. No problem in compilation, as well as in use. I have tried AMD Catalyst 12.2 and 12.3, both are no problem on my system with kernel 3.3.1. If you want to upgrade your kernel to 3.3.1 and AMD Catalyst 12.2 or 12.3, you can upgrade them ... without problem, hopefully.


Pedbroock said...

A modo informativo yo tenía instalados la versión 12.3 Catalyst driver 64 Bits para una Ati Radeon HD4250 en mi laptop y después de que actualicé al kernel 3.3.1 ya no arrancaba fedora, solo se ponía la pantalla en negro. Los desinstalé y ya pudo arrancar pero necesito instalarselos nuevamente ya que si no se me calienta mucho el micro y la placa de video.

Henry Hermawan said...

FYI, if you have previously installed AMD Catalyst, after upgrading the kernel, you have to recompile fglrx module or just simply reinstall the AMD Catalyst, otherwise, you will get blank screen.

Pedbroock said...

Mr. Hermawan, I´ve reinstalled the driver and everything is ok again, now linux kernel has been update from 3.3.1-2 to 3.3.1-3 version and fedora 16 does not boot again and recovery mode dissappeared from grub menu u_u What can I do? I don't know english very well yet, sorry if I wrote something wrong.Thank you.