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Friday, August 26, 2011

ATI Catalyst on Linux Kernel 3.0.3

Yesterday, I found that the kernel and ATI Catalyst driver have been updated since August 17, so that, I decided to spend my time for testing them, then use them if there is no problem. Since a few hours ago, the new kernel 3.0.3 and ATI Catalyst has been running smoothly on my laptop. I have tested 2 versions of ATI Catalyst, those are, 10.12 and 11.8.

ATI Catalyst 11.8 (without patch)
This version has been installed without problem and without any single line's patch. My suggestion, use xorg.conf from aticonfig --initial for avoiding any problem (see my previous post), especially if you want to use Desktop Effects.

ATI Catalyst 10.12 (with patch)
I have tried this version on kernel 3.0.3 and it has been running smoothly without problem, however, it need to be patched. For patching ATI Catalyst 10.12, please read my previous post. You can find the link for downloading the patch on that post.

That's all.

Note: for my other posts about ATI Catalyst, go to this link. You may need to read it.


Safri Dzalfaiz said...

Saya baru mengupdate kernel Mint 11 dari 2.6.38 menjadi 3.0.8 kemudian muncul masalah ini :
ATI driver tidak bisa diinstall ke kernel baru (oleh dkms) sehingga saat reboot, tidak bisa masuk ke X (bahkan tidak merespon semua tombol termasuk alt+ctrl+F*)
tidak bisa boot juga berlaku di kernel lama sehingga harus masuk recovery dan un-install driver baru.
Sampai sekarang saya masih menggunakan driver opensoure (radeon)

Unknown said...

Itu ATI driver yang mana? Catalyst atau radeon?
Kalau Catalyst:
1. versi berapa?
2. cara instal bagaimana, pakai package manager atau binary file download dari AMD?
3. kalau binary file, install di init 3 (multiuser CLI) atau init 4/5/6 (graphics, tidak tahu Linux Mint pakai init berapa untuk graphics)?
4. Kernel-nya masih "asli" dari atau sudah di-patch oleh distro developer? Kalau di-patch, harus tahu dulu yang di-patch yang mana?

Saya tanya poin-poin di atas karena Linux Mint beda dengan Slackware dalam distro management.